Modifieds is a Sci-Fi, future-based RPG desgined around genetically-modified super humans.
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 Siegfried Feuerstein

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PostSubject: Siegfried Feuerstein   Wed Sep 01, 2010 10:48 pm

{Name:} Siegfried Feuerstein
{Nickname(s):} "The Iron Fist"
{Rank/Title:} Former Enforcer in the Patrols. Is now a mercenary who will take jobs from either side.
{Ethnicity:} Caucasian
---[Power:] "Kilter"
{Gender:} Male
{Age:} 24
{Physical Description:} Siegfried tends to take a lot of pride and care in his body, but not as much on his looks. So while his body is quite toned, his hair is usually in disarray and his clothes are wrinkled.
{Mental Description:} Siegfried is not the brightest bulb around, but can be very focused on specific tasks. He can remember hundreds of moves, but if you ask him to remember a date, he'll forget almost instantly. He also acts a bit foolish and impulsive, often behaving rather oddly which can be confusing to onlookers.
{Description of Power:} His powers are that of 'Internal Order', which results in him having a very quick healing body, so that he can keep fighting long past when a normal person would have been broken into little pieces.
- Character song: 'Warrior' by Disturbed
{Eye Color:} Blue
{Hair Color:} Brown
{Weight:} 165lbs
{Height:} 5'11"
{Physique:} Siegfried tends toward the thinner side, looking less like a fighter and more like an office worker who doesn't get out enough. Despite this, he is actually quite strong, being able to go toe to toe with people much larger then him.
{Unique Traits:} Siegfried is fairly unremarkable by normal standards, having neither any distinguishing scars nor any odd characteristics. However, to any martial artist, his is a well-known face, since he is considered one of the best fighters, despite not having a belt in any particular style.
{Military Skills:} Siegfried is widely considered to be one of the best martial artists around, using a fighting style learned while in the Patrol strike-squads, which focuses on quick take-downs and defending yourself from projectile weapons. His gunplay has never been of high-quality, and years of disuse have blunted them even more, resulting in him barely being able to get close to his target. Despite this, he is able to defend himself in combat until he closes to melee range, and as such is quite the capable fighter.
{Equipment/Clothing:} Siegfried's combat gear is highly influenced by his fighting style, and as such he tends to wear protective gear with armor specifically made to be resistant to weapons-fire. He wears an armored chest-piece under a loose-fitting shirt, armored gloves, and pants fitted with small plates of the same material. However, when not on the job, he is more likely to be seen walking around in just the loose-fitting shirt and a pair of jeans.
{Loyalty:} None
{Characters Personal Quote:} "Hey, didn't anybody ever tell you not to bring a gun to a fist-fight?"
{Short Character Biography:}
Siegfried was born on a small Patrol controlled world called Novinha, and was surrounded by violence from a young age. Learning to take advantage of his ability, he quickly became a natural at fighting, and managed to earn his way into a Patrol academy on the back of his talent. From there he graduated into training for the strike-squad, the Patrol's go-to group for secure and/or covert operations on alien planets.
His talents while in the strike-squad revolved around his abilities in melee-combat, and he became focused on this, quickly learning some of the Patrol's most advanced techniques. He didn't spend nearly as much time on what the strike-squad considered more practical skills, however, such as gun fighting and explosives, and as such found himself constantly on the brink of discharge. Despite this, his unique ability combined with his melee combat skills allowed him to stay on, and it took several years of this before he finally decided to leave, in order to save face.
After this, he took his ample skills in melee combat and became a mercenary for hire, working as a bodyguard or whatever else would pay, not necessarily working for either Genetix or the Patrol that much, as the former tended to distrust an ex-Patrol, and the latter was not entirely pleased with him leaving. Despite this, he managed to find ample work, and continued to improve his martial skills, eventually coming to be known as one of the best melee fighters around.

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PostSubject: Re: Siegfried Feuerstein   Wed Sep 01, 2010 10:56 pm

Approved. Great! Welcome to Modifieds.


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PostSubject: Re: Siegfried Feuerstein   Wed Sep 01, 2010 10:58 pm

Thanks, lol Razz
I look forward to playing this char, I think i'll have alot of fun with this design.
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PostSubject: Re: Siegfried Feuerstein   

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Siegfried Feuerstein
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