Modifieds is a Sci-Fi, future-based RPG desgined around genetically-modified super humans.
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PostSubject: Welcome   Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:01 am

Welcome to Modifieds!

We're so glad to have you, but we're afraid you might be a bit lost in all the hum-drum and pretty words and shiny forums. Not to worry! We're here to set you straight. Please take a moment to read the Rules, and visit the Background forum for our History and Setting, as well as other information. We also invite you to read some of our roleplay posts that are already running if you still have any problems understanding what is going on.

Please note that while we do care deeply for our users, we will not tolerate any breaking of any rules.

If you have read all of the Introduction and Background forums and do as they instruct you, you will succeed here in Modifieds, and soon find yourself choosing a side and taking a stand!

For now, there are some friendly tips that you should read:

{1} We will never ask for your password!
We don't need it, so if someone sends you a message asking for your password and claiming to be an administrator or moderator,
please notify an administrator immediately and forward
the message to one of us so we can deal with the situation!
We can and will edit your posts. {2}
For trust purposes, I state this.
Now, the only one that really edits posts is me, and I will only do these:
    Fix grammar/spelling
    Remove godmodding/excessive power
    Modify coding to be appropriate
{3} We cannot invade your privacy.
No, we can't read your private messages.
However, profile messages are like comments.
These are public and can be read, so know what you're posting!
Your best interests are our best interests. {4}
If you have something to say to an admin or moderator, please,
do so! Silence leaves you unheard.
We won't ignore your private message!
Although if we don't respond after a few weeks, send it again.
{5} Harassment is strictly forbidden.
Do not invade a character's livelihood [ahem] during a roleplay.
Do not pester a member in private/profile messages.
Keep your sexual thoughts to yourself, and if you're a couple,
unless you've checked with the active people in the RP, keep it out.
We ask that you keep your PDA to a minimum for those who are
not as fortunate in love matters.

That being said, please enjoy your time here on Modifieds!
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