Modifieds is a Sci-Fi, future-based RPG desgined around genetically-modified super humans.
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PostSubject: History   Wed Sep 01, 2010 12:34 pm

Long ago, war struck the human race.

The Earth, in all its once magnificent beauty, so peacefully governed by the lords of the nations who reigned together under an odd form of democracy, suddenly fell, chaos drowning out all that glory, and havoc wreaking terror over the land. Billions died, and the death that was left plunged the rest of the broken world into decay. Toxic fumes rose from the mingled, poisoned bodies, and eventually, life ceased to exist on that barren planet.
But this was not the end for us.

Like a simple, parasitic virus only needing a host to survive, we, from somewhere, from something, spawned again. This was our Rebirth, so our years are now marked AB, or After Birth. In AB 1, we tread upon our new home, Ceryn, and there we advanced quickly, stealing and mixing technologies from other species to use as our own. These first new humans became the rulers, but they were flawed – they could not reproduce. Knowing this was necessary for the survival of our race, they began to mix their DNA, and when they died, they left these children in incubations, incomplete, imperfect. Still, the babies lived and, since the world had been set up for them, survived for the most part.

They soon discovered their parents’ legacies and their initial plans, but realizing that they could not be perfect, could not be special, they became angry. They tried to genetically modify themselves, but it was too late; all but four of them died. Having fallen, they began to regroup their efforts, knowing that they could not better themselves, so they would have to make themselves the better. They made their own genetic babies, with their own powers, and this time, they saw to their upbringing.

They maintained the idea that because they were “human” they were the superior. The children, powerful as they were, believed them.

In time, though, some came to disagree.

It is now AB 146, and the “human” group has forged an alliance called the Patrol, a governing body of iron will and solid determination. They breed Modifieds, and turn them into hunting machines, designed to seek and destroy any race they can. Each genome can only have one gene replaced, though, and they will never repeat an existing Tech. In their eyes, two of the same Tech are useless, and must not exist.

In their opposition lies a younger pack, a bunch of misfit rebels who believe in the superiority of their kind. The Modifieds that thought this call themselves the Genetix. They fight for freedom from the wrath of the Patrol, although their youth raises the question of whether or not they could succeed if this victory became theirs…
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