Modifieds is a Sci-Fi, future-based RPG desgined around genetically-modified super humans.
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PostSubject: Planets   Wed Sep 01, 2010 2:37 pm

Any approved planets will be added here.

Please feel free to submit names and descriptions [pictures if you want] as ideas.

{1} Plutos - Pluto's moon, Charon, long forgotten in Earth's solar system was rediscovered. Now, it's a tiny tech-and-junk stop for people on their way to "pay respects to their elders."
Courtesy of Ellara.

{2} Feryx - Is a heavily militarized planet which holds much of the prime ship- and weapons-manufacturing plants under the Patrol's control. Much of the planet's population is housed in large cities hovering above the planet's large oceans, while the ship factories orbit the sphere. The majority of the ship manufacturing plants are housed in the planet's large moon Have.
Planet and Moon
City Example
Courtesy of Prowler.

{3} Novinha - A Patrol-controlled planet, Novinha is famous as being one of the most violent planets in the galaxy. THe planet is extremely small, with only one city that is filled with factories. Its average crime rate is around 5x larger then most cities that are 5x it's size.
Courtesy of Siegfried.

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