Modifieds is a Sci-Fi, future-based RPG desgined around genetically-modified super humans.
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PostSubject: Rules   Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:03 pm

Be mindful of these rules: Failure to comply will result in a temporary ban. Multiple issues will lead to permanent ban with an IP check.

1} Be nice.
Just because YOU'RE having a bad day doesn't mean the rest of us are! Treat us all nicely as you would like for us to treat you... And if you want to be treated like a dog, the rest of us don't have that wish, you silly child.

2} Listen to your commanding bodies.
When we tell you to do something, we're only doing so for your sake. We could do it in spite of you, but we're giving you the chance to do it yourself. Preserve your dignity, for your sake.

3} Don't give out your password, EVER.
It cannot be stressed enough that this should never happen. Officials don't need your password, and we will never ask for it! Don't share your account or let someone else post for you! This is cheating, and we will drop the ban-hammer on you for it!

4} Be elaborately punctual.
That's right. We want you to pull out all the stops on your post - Please use proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc, and any kind of lovely descriptive words you'd like. Curse words such as [excuse my language], f*ck, sh*t, b*tch, and b*stard should be kept to a minimum, although insults are alright when your character is frustrated or some such. Hell and crap are acceptable because they are things and only things and they are generally better accepted. We're all adults, though, so try to be loquacious without using four-letter words.

If you guys have common sense, just remember what that says, and your conscience. Listen to others, don't shoot people in the nuts, no humping dead bodies, blah blah blah, the usual stuff.



Kthx. Peace out. Have a great time. [:


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