Modifieds is a Sci-Fi, future-based RPG desgined around genetically-modified super humans.
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 Administrators and Moderators

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PostSubject: Administrators and Moderators   Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:11 pm

Commanders: Who’s on top of you, the user?

Administrators are above moderators, and both of these are over the user. A few statements were made in the Introduction regarding just how much power we have, but it should be explained how admins and mods will be chosen on THIS site.

1} Only four admin spots will ever be taken.
No more than four admins will ever run on this forum.

2} Admins will be chosen, and dismissed, based on credibility, application, and activity.
If an admin goes offline for more than 10 days at a time without a reasonable excuse, they will be immediately booted and replaced. NO EXCEPTIONS (not even me)!! Please post in the OOC Down-Time area if you’re leaving for an extended period of time.

3} Only six mods will ever exist.
No more than six mods will exist at a time on this forum.

4} Mods will be chosen based on application.
Anyone may become a mod, but please be advised that we do not accept idiots. Also, if a mod is away for more than 20 days, he or she will be booted and replaced. Again, visit the OOC Down-Time if you need to.

Please be aware
Admins show up as mods on the forum [because we like to be sneaky] so it will appear that there are a maximum of 10 moderators. Just to avoid confusion!
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Administrators and Moderators
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