Modifieds is a Sci-Fi, future-based RPG desgined around genetically-modified super humans.
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 Ellara "Eris" Archiates

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PostSubject: Ellara "Eris" Archiates   Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:19 pm

{Name:} Ellara Archiates
{Nickname(s):} Eris, Chaos, Laura
{Rank/Title:} Pilot (#1), mechanic
{Ethnicity:} N/A – Grown and hatched on a Patrol ship
---[Power:] Shadow
{Gender:} Female
{Age:} 23
{Physical Description:} Ellara is an extremely attractive woman. Her body possesses smooth and visible curve, although she is toned and fit.
{Mental Description:} Although she’s skilled and beautiful, Ellara is full of pride and is excruciatingly egocentric because of it. She absolutely loathes men, even though her attitude toward women isn’t much better. She’s quick to judge, although she is surprisingly slow to fall into rage. Despite all her outward and excessive show of strength and stern discipline, part of her is lonely and wishes to fill that gap. It gets drowned, though.
{Description of Power:} She is capable of bending light to turn things invisible. She can consolidate this power to include only a body part or radiate it outward to include entire ships. If her training were complete, she’d be capable of masking planets, but her fiery nature drove her away from the gentle monks that taught her to control this art. Ellara can also make literal shadow puppets, and create semi-solid forms of shadow. If she makes a shadow-puppet into an active figure, she loses the ability to turn invisible while it continues to exist, and she can only make 3 before passing out for a week.
{Links:} Song
{Eye Color:} Purple
{Hair Color:} Black
{Weight:} 136 lbs
{Height:} 5’7”
{Physique:} Ellara is toned, highlighted by muscle, but her lingering baby fat fell across her hips and… well, other places… smoothing them out into soft curves. Even though she’s vain about her long hair and clear complexion, she has a general disregard for things like makeup and alteration surgery.
{Unique Traits:} She has a single tattoo on the right side of her face running from her lower temple to just below her cheekbone. It scribes “Angel.” She also has scars on her mutilated hands from her work as a mechanic before she found gloves.
{Military Skills:} Ellara is trained in hand-to-hand combat, and she’s extremely handy with any gun. She knows how to clean and repair, as well as identify all black-market, underground, and Patrol-grade firearms. Much of her spare time is spent rebuilding guns from each others’ parts. She is also accurate in throwing blades, like shuriken and knives.
{Equipment/Clothing:} Ellara wears the most when in the workshop. She keeps her face covered with a fluid plexiglass face shield, and wears goggles under that. Her body is covered by lightweight flame- and shock-proof overalls, her hands by carbon nanofiber gloves, and her feet by reinforced steel-toed shoes. When she’s in the captain’s seat or lounging on the ship, she sports high-cut, low-rise jean shorts with its own utility belt full of nasty things, like guns and toxins. On her right thigh, she has a special pouch tied in place to hold smoke powder, which she throws at the floor and peoples’ eyes.
{Loyalty:} Genetix
{Characters Personal Quote:} “The sky’s my world, and I won’t be caged.”
{Short Character Biography:} Ellara was born on top-cruiser Patrol ship and immediately became mischief by turning invisible and wandering out of the nursery. As a child, she flew through her combat training and went on to partner in the garage with the chief mechanic. However, when he was fired on her fifteenth birthday, she was sent to work on her powers on a quiet, alien world with a group of monks. After three years, she could stand it no more, and she fled, jumping onto a cargo ship and stowing away. She took her power and lust for freedom to the Genetix, and has since become their top smuggling pilot.


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Ellara "Eris" Archiates
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